Too Much

People with tendancy for addiction drive fast. That shouldn’t surprise you, but do you drive fast? They say that’s the first step. When I talk about addiction I’m not talking about drug addiction, because not everyone knows what that is. I don’t either; but I have a few ideas, and they’re unreasonable (that being the idea of addiction). So when I talk about addiction, I rather like to talk about the propensity to be/get attached to something. I could probably look up the definition and shed some interesting light on what it ‘means,’ saying it’s worse or better than you thought; but that’s not my style. I just call things as I see them, and it’s your job to either agree, or to learn something — sometimes both.

I believe some scientists did a study on addiction and one’s predisposition towards it, and found it to be a genetic thing; like, some people were naturally more inclined to be addicted to things. Caffeine seems to be the largest common ground. You drink coffee, you stay awake. You drink coffee, you’re still sleepy, you drink more. Now you’re awake. You’re probably somewhat dependent on coffee now. When you get a headache and can’t sleep at night and need coffee to calm you…now you’re addicted. I’m know scientist, so the way I personally categorize addiction is when it starts to affect you; become a part of you. Something that defines you. For example my current addictions are badminton and bejeweled. Badminton is easily justifiable because I can say “I’m getting exercise too,” so it’s not so bad. However if I don’t swing a racket for several days I get anxious and unpleasant. It’s hard to pin down because I could say badminton is stress relief and that I haven’t been ‘releasing stress,’ but I think it’s a part of me. Bejeweled on the other hand I just play incessantly when I could be doing other things. I have no excuse for bejeweled. I’ve wasted days on that game, and I’m the best at it, too; but all for naught. Since there is a leader board I can stay on the top of it, and I think knowing daily that I’m better than everyone else makes me happy. I need to be perfect. I might be addicted to myself. I don’t want to say that because I don’t want to say that, but I do in fact like myself. I think I’m an alright guy. What’s wrong with being better? And that’s where I get addicted. eg: too much of a good thing is bad.


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