I have a fair amount of posts now, so these tags are how I organize things, but I have tags for just about anything, so feel free to use the search tool at the bottom to find something, or anything.

This is my content:

shorts — short stories and things of that sort

comics — i can’t draw

pomes — poems… kind of

blurbs — bite sized passages

dialogue — two people

running commentary — stuff from real life

quotes — “original quotes”

4×4 — 4×4 poetic exersizes

6wstory — a story in exactly six words

Instagram — An instagram without pictures


77 thoughts on “Content

  1. […] and the rest of my content on there can be found here: […]

  2. Hi :) thanks for following my blog! Yours is pretty awesome btw! I followed back ;)

  3. ganza_art says:

    Hello, nice to meet you! I like how you write :)

  4. writersandy says:

    Thanks for following. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  5. Interesting blog. Extraordinary and the thoughts of such an organized mind. Thanks for following me,

  6. Thank you for folllowing me and I love your site and your little video how cute and fun

  7. mhdriver says:

    You seem to be more organized than me. Thank you for following my blog Welcome aboard!

  8. lljostes says:

    Thanks for following! It’s fun to have fun with words!

  9. Jenn J says:

    You’re quite the interesting fella. Thanks for following my blog :)

  10. Bruce Goodman says:

    yeah – I feel like putting words into this box here. I like your writing…

  11. gruundehn says:

    Thanks for following my blog and I hope that I inspire some thoughts with my comments. I hope that I never disappoint in that regard.
    I do not intend to be derogatory but what is a “pome”?

    • I pome is just a pissmelling of the word ‘poem.’
      I got some beef with silent e’s and why they won’t just “be themselves!”

      • gruundehn says:

        Actually poem is pronounced “PO ehm” so the “e” isn’t really silent. One of the biggest problems with the English language is that widespread literacy started happening just as there was a major pronunciation change and so a lot of silent letters and weird spellings got fixed into the written form of the language. I would guess that there are some languages that are harder for a non-native speaker to learn but not many.

        • haha yeah, i know the ‘e’ in poem isn’t silent, but if you listen to a lot of people say “poem,” there isn’t much of an e there. but really i didn’t think about it too hard. just drawing attention to the letter and spelling and stuff for some reason. more so because i started tagging my poems ‘pome,’ and it’d take a fair amount of effort to reverse it.
          ergo: i be lazied

  12. Ilaya Egypt says:


    but seriously, I’m just barely starting on here and I’m glad you followed me (thanks for that by the way) because then I was able to find you. I love words! Yours, though not invented technically by you, are amazing! And the way you put them one after the other like that (sentences, ha), inspiring. Just thought I’d let you know that! =]

  13. thehappyrat says:

    Hi Allmostrelevant – thanks for the follow! I haven’t quite figured out exactly what your blog is about…which I think might be precisely the point :) Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.


    Sarah (The Happy Rat)

  14. I love your blog :-D so, so very much? words aren’t enough! :-)

  15. […] The easiest way to see the variety of the content on here is to go to the CONTENT page. Everything is organized there, as opposed to the home page which is just chronoillogical. And […]

  16. What a cool box. I’d be happy to deposit some words here. I hope you like them.

  17. Liz Parrott says:

    Thanks for following my blog. Yours looks way cool (does saying that date me?)

  18. nevinc500 says:

    You are funny! Thanks for following my blog, Hope it is entertaining and informative! tagged you back. :)

  19. Anna Drake says:

    Hey! The Youtube link was an ad. But what a presentation! My very best to you. Keep writing!

  20. renatareich says:

    Hi, thanks for following my blog, I hope you`ll enjoy the music+poetry combination.

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