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It’s funny how on the first sunny day in a long time you will see students out enjoying the sun, playing frisbee, tanning, reading outside, playing music. And then on the second sunny day hardly anyone is outside because they’re all catching up on the work they skipped the day before.


How many crops can stop a flock

of birds who heard the word and dropped

what they were doing just to talk

about the rising price of stalk?



Time is a funny thing. It’s very constant, as constant as things can get, but it seems to act in such a relative way it baffles the mind.

“They grow up so fast, don’t they?” I don’t know who to trust when I hear that statement. When I grew up it took me a long time, an extremely long time. A school year was an eternity, and if I had to wait an hour until dinner I might as well forget about eating. Time passes so slowly when you are young, but now an hour flies by in the blink of an eye, and I completed four years of college like it was nothing.

In the most unscientific explanation possible, I feel like this is because of two things, both having to do with the relativity of things; their ‘context.’

The shorter you have lived, the longer a second is relative to how long you’ve been alive, and conversely the longer you’ve lived, the shorter a second seems.

Routine and memories. If you fall into a routine where you start and end and execute your days in the same manner day in and day out, each day will be the same and they will all blur into one memory, and thus time will seem faster. When you are young there is not much routine and everything is new, so you are constantly making new memories and time seems much slower.


Generation Why

Who has ever succeeded without failing? I blame the schools. They’ve got everyone hung up on the notion that success will just ‘happen’on its own. Your livelihood will just come out of the blue and youwill be ‘okay.’As long as you try,everything will work out. You don’t need to be the best, you just need to give it your best; and that is what success is. Here’s a medal for participation. You earned it. It’s the same color as first and second place. All medals look the same. Color doesn’t matter. All medals are the same. As long as you are happy, you will be successful. Don’t worry about being happy. Just do what makes you happy. If you’re not happy then you’re not doing the right thing. Do something else. What makes you happy? You don’t need money to be happy. You don’t need money to be successful. You need to be passionate about what you do. You need to develop a passion for something. That is what you want to do. That is what you will do. That will make you happy. If it doesn’t; you’re not trying hard enough—but here’s a medal anyways. You tried to try. That’s worth something. You don’t need to be the best. You don’t need money. You don’t need money to be happy. Money makes you unhappy. Money is unhappiness. Money is unethical. Money is evil. You need to dress, act, eat like you want nothing to do with money. Money will corrupt you. You want to rise up and revolt against money. You are passionate about revolting against money. Chastise everyone who has money. To you, Revolution means more than ‘going in circles.’ You are good at revolting. You are good at Revolution. Oil isn’t green. Gays are at war. Babies are uneducated. Art is tasteless. The light in the fridge is still off. You are passionate. You are revolting. You are poor. You are happy. You are successful. You got what you wanted. Everything worked out… right? Here’s a medal. At least you tried. But you don’t want the medal. You don’t need a medal to be happy. You slap it away. Success! “…Nice try. Just take the damn medal.”

You earned it.

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Steady… Steady–hop. drop. plop… mop



Today we are going to talk about setting appropriate expectations.

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“It’s not a race, but I’m winning.”



That’s the interesting thing about expensive video cameras; we never get to see the poor people having fun.


I didn’t want to leave that bus.

I didn’t want to make a fuss.

A creepy spider shows his wit;

Just use your shoe, don’t throw a fit.



I like writing in short, simple sentences. People always seem to be amazed by how simple kids speak; like how they are so innocent and see the world in a way we’ve forgotten. I’m pretty sure I can understand the wisdom of a child. I pretty much am a kid. I can talk like a kid; I can write like a kid. I’m writing like a kid right now—why aren’t you listening to me when I talk like a kid!

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