Cows Make Moo-sic

Thinking about music for a little bit, modern music kind of all has the same sound — at least the pop/whatever-you-call-it genre that plays in all the clubs and radio stations. So why does all pop music sound the same? Most songs have a predictable chord structure, layout, and constant bass beating through the song, and for the most part, these song get stuck in your head whether you like it or not. Maybe it’s because those things are what we ‘like’ to listen to, or rather, are intrinsically appealing to the ear. But it feels as though that’s not it because I know I don’t like a lot of that music. Granted, some of the songs are catchy, but I end up forgetting them a week after I hear them, and then society forgets them as well and moves on to the next thing. Could it be that the music ‘industry’ is just trying to play to our tastes? What is the musical taste of our culture; or maybe a better question would be, what is the ‘average’ musical taste so we can sell the most albums? I’m guessing the average musical taste sounds something like what all the pop music sounds like right now. It’s a safe choice, and usually something with a constant beat throughout so you can play the song at your local club. If you can’t grind along to a song, what good is it?

It seems like music nowadays is like two high schoolers in their first relationship, where you try and say all the right things and be super supportive of one another, and everything’s fine and dandy because you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. The producers are trying to guess what we like, and we’re eating it up and saying we like it, even though a lot of artists don’t even write their own stuff, and we end up not liking it, but still listening to it. Neither party is willing to admit that this is all very fabricated and this is not how things should be in the music world because it’s not very real. It seems like once the artists are famous and rich, they wouldn’t need to sell out any more just to make an extra buck. I guess greed is a powerful thing; and very subtle. No one becomes greedy over night.


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