It took me about 4 tries to spell indubitibly correctly, and in all that fuss I seem to have forgotten what the word even means. The strange thing about language and learning/using new words, is that you know how to use them (eg: where they belong/what tense/part of speech) even if you’re not solid on the definition. I might tell someone, “Your hair is indubitibly luminous today.” Albeit–or rather–allhaditbeen a correct construction of an English sentence, the meaning is quite strange. I refuse to look words up unless I completely don’t know what they mean, but from as far as I can tell, and from Context (the almighty), Indubitably just means undoubtedly… which is also a word. I suppose this is why people like this word, or when little youngsters first learn it they can help but repeat it all the time because it’s a fun word to say. Why say undoubtedly when you can say indubitably? Why eat vegetables when you can eat veggies? Why become a homeless child when you could become a ragamuffin? Indubitably, the indubitability of sillier words, when heard, can spur the familiar smirk and smile, or spark the occasional wit and guile.


I put this box here if you feel like putting words in it.

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