Just to Clarify…

some people asked me about the tags, or how I’m categorizing these things. So I’ll explain it again for the first time:

quote: “It’s a quote.”

blurb: something I usually make up on the spot. An interesting idea, situation, or observation I didn’t take the time to turn into a story.

short: something I usually didn’t make up on the spot. It can be longer, or shorter. These aren’t necessarily better, or more worth reading; they just took longer to do.

pome: poem

6wStory: A story in six words exactly. (you can google it)

4: a fourmat I developed when bored in class. These are four line poetic exercises; not poems. These are more of excercizes in rhyme, wordplay, and meter, and are not — I repeat — not serious whatsoever. I usually make these in under a minute, kind of like no system reverse-flashcards for the mind.


I put this box here if you feel like putting words in it.

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