Pegged Legged Pete

In battles afloat upon this boat,
I fought through thick and
Thin. Thus wearily now, I’ll tell you
How my story first begins…

A strapping young buck, I was raised up
To conquer every task.
At the ripe age of twelve, I, from the
Shelves, discovered my first flask.

At only fifteen I’d found my queen,
My lovely bride to be.
But I’d no treasure to give her
Pleasure, thus I shipped off to sea.

The goings were tough at first, not knowing
What to say or do.
But quickly I rose to captain, though
My crew were only a few.

Then over the bay the pirates came,
Looking for some fun.
The canons did roar with clashing
Swords, until we’d bravely won.

So onward we sailed though wind and hail,
And all things of the matter.
‘Til a tempest devoured our ship one hour,
And twisted it to shatters.

It wasn’t so bad once I had grabbed
A plank on which to float,
Although in the dark, circled the sharks
Around my former boat.

I woke up on sand from where I’d landed
Safe from further strife,
But God fell a tree upon my knee,
To mock my lucky life.

A sailor passed by wondering why
I hopped along the
Shore, and fastened some wood where nature
Couldn’t help my anymore.

Once back on his ship, the waves did
Hit, and rock it left to
Right. Un-rhythmically I, unbalanced,
Tried to stand, but couldn’t quite.


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