At 3:44am, when it’s still pitch dark, a bird started chirping. I wonder if birds ever have nightmares and can’t go back to sleep. Around 4:15 I took video of the glowing orange sky over the familiar hill in the near distance, and of the moon which shone brightly still. The cute little birds that you wouldn’t mind feeding start chirping around 4:00. I primarily wanted to catch audio of the birds chirping for any future audio/visual needs. The sunrise is gorgeous and floods straight in through the front windows. The day fills up so quickly with light, but the the big ugly birds wake up with the sun, and ruin the soundtrack. I stare at that hill every day, and now I’ll never look at it the same, having watched it be formed out of darkness under the softness of the sunrise, and flourish in the vibrance of the full, living morning.


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