butterfly dreams

Looking up I could barely spot a group of about 6 little white butterflies dancing above a 100 foot evergreen tree. They swirled around in relatively the same spot until taking off in the direction of mount ranier. When they flutter their wings, it looks like the sky is shimmering with glitter, like mother nature’s confetti or something. When the butter flies get too distant and I can no longer parse the shimmer from the clear blue back drop, I started to see little white spots in the sky. After starting at the uniform blue sky and seeing the sparkle of a tiny white wing after a few second of nothing, my mind started to insert white spots into the blue sky without my permission. My eyes darted across the sky, seeing butterflies that weren’t there, and some that were—maybe—I didn’t know. All I knew is that it was a cool trick. The breeze picked up slightly and a tall tree next to the one where the butterflies were dancing released a whole new batch of butterflies into the sky. They shimmered with equal brilliance of the first few, but were hundreds in numbers, all drifting in the same relative direction. I thought about how much the wind affects the flight of a butterfly, but then as some of them started to fall I realized that they were just leaves that had blown off the tree, dreaming of being a butterfly, and living the dream until they either fluttered out of sight, or hit the ground. I couldn’t help up think of skydiving.


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