The Dangers of Skydiving

Let’s say I hate waking up early, so I don’t, but after a few times of being forced to wake up early, it comes naturally to me. That was a bad example. Let’s say I move to Alaska and quickly adapt to the colder weather, or I move to Arizona and get used to the scorching heat relatively quickly. My body/mind has done something to make me ‘used to’ these new elements. I have adjusted to a new norm. Let’s say I start drinking coffee. It works the first time, almost too well where I’m bouncing off the walls. The second time I’m alert and focused, and the third time I need a second cup. Let’s say I start using energy drink(s) then. Let’s say my life is routine and I’m looking for excitement (let’s just say). I go skydiving. It is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I get a huge adrenaline spike. On the drive home I’m barely awake going 80 down the interstate. I drink coffee, energy drinks, sleep like a baby, move to Arizona. Nothing is exciting. I flirt with underage girls, invite them over, jerk off in front of a security camera. I sleep for 12 hours a day, start wearing a gun, think about jumping from high places again. I am free. I am excitement. I am danger. I don’t need a harness. I fall.


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