I work fast. I eat hard. I can run a book faster than I can read a mile. I eat dumbbells for breakfast. Sneezes come in one’s. I can baby sit an entire elementary school for a week—in just one day. Cars look both ways for me. I can wash the dishes while I give a massage. I remind the reminders what they’re supposed to remind me of. I can sleep for an hour in 5 minutes. I dream for other people, and they tell me it was awesome. I’ve grown old a thousand times and can still wrestle a hippo. My teeth make my toothbrush cleaner. I high-fived a bald eagle mid-swoop. I can draw the line and then cross it, and draw another line. I am the answer to your next exam question. I can fill in the blank. I am the blank.


I put this box here if you feel like putting words in it.

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