so duh

When I was young my family owned one fifth of a boat, so every few weeks we’d take it out and go sailing for a half-day mini-vacation. We’d bring snacks and soda for refreshments, but I was only allowed to drink a soda if I helped out, in other words; earned it. Soda became the reward. I would sip it and relax because I knew I did my part, and it was vacation; at least that’s what I learned. At home I would do the yard work and have a soda, do my homework and have a soda, set the table and have a soda. I started having them more frequently so I stopped earning it, but it still felt like a little mini-vacation. I would sit down to work and then have a soda and not do anything because I already got the reward. I must have earned it. I forgot how to work hard and drank more soda, wondering why nothing ever got done.


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