cash or credit

Out of the blue my grandmother gave me a McDonald’s gift card for $20 dollars. She said I was a good kid and should have it, but I didn’t do anything. Have you ever gotten something you know you aren’t supposed to have? Not in a guilty sense, like I shouldn’t have all these tweenage pop albums in iTunes, but legitimately having something that you know isn’t yours. I was walking in a mildly run down part of downtown when a man with a cane hobbled towards me, “You ain’t afraid to talk to a black man, are you?”

“No.” I crossed the street because the red hand turned into a little walking man.

“Let me catch up to you.”

“I’m just about to leave.” My car was 20 steps away. I never turned fully around to address him, but kept a safe distance even though I didn’t feel threatened.  He stopped and then I stopped. His cane leg was swollen to three times its normal size. He had three dollars and an expensive disease. He was hungry. I said I didn’t have any money, but remembered the McDonald’s gift card. It’s better for me to not eat McDonald’s anyways. I gave it to him and drove home… I kind of want McDonald’s now.


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