Agh, damn. My toe just started to itch inside my shoe and I can’t scratch it. Well, there’s no good way to really scratch your toe anyways, so i usually end up using one foot to kind of squish and grind the other so my foot rubs against the inside of my shoe, and hopefully that’ll be good enough to scratch it, but sometimes it makes it worse. Why does my toe itch? Ugh, it feels like it’s actually inside my toe, too. And of course the more i talk about it it doesn’t go away because you really just need to distract yourself to make itches go away. I wonder if itches and hiccups come from the same place? Itches are a weird thing. You know exactly where they are, but at the same time they don’t really exist. An itch is just a feeling, a sensation; but it’s more a location than anything. It’s weird because it’s a feeling that’s unprovoked, like your body got bored or something and need to test that everything still works, so it sends one of your nerves out on a mission. I really have no idea what I’m talking about, but my toe stopped itching… damn, there it is again.


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