I love how during election season a campaign is basically an investigation into the other candidate’s background to see where he made mistakes in his past. First of all, you can’t learn from mistakes if you don’t have them, and everyone has made them, so what’s the point of that? How does that help the voters have confidence in the candidates if all we see are mistakes? Secondly, in the land of opportunity and second chances, we sure seem to dwell on the past and use it as a measuring tool for what will happen in the future. It’s like we’re all joining hands and saying “history will repeat itself no matter what.” If we don’t think the candidates can move forward from their pasts, then what makes us think our country can move forward from the past? If all we care about is the past, then we are surely to be stuck in it and react to everything that happens in the future because we didn’t even have our heads turned the right way. There’s so much irony in how campaigns are run it makes me laugh and cry.


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