Saturday, 28th

We got up at 6:30 and just got some McDonalds like good americans, and also nothing else was open. They have bagel McMuffins here. So delicious, but going straight to my hips. I’m destroying my dainty figure. The Tube was pretty much empty because it was Saturday, but everything was closed early anyway. We wondered what people here do all day. They start late and end early; how do they make their money? I guess a few European countries are going bankrupt. We tubed to Wembley stadium and arena, which is a huge looking building. The arena is where the badminton is, so that’s where we went… yup. It’s just me and dad, but we had 4 tickets so he tried to sell the other two, and did. We later learned it’s not okay to scalp tickets, but whatevs, it’s the first day. While doing that, two Estonians asked if we had tickets for the evening session so they could watch their son play, Raul Must. We exchanged numbers and would call them if we ended up having extra tickets. The venue inside was incredible, and outside you had to go through security and walk passed the smilikng men with assault rifles. I guess that makes me feel safe. If something happens, the men with assault rifles will make sure whatever happens gets turned into swiss cheese. I saw some unarmed guys moseying about in the middle of the day with jackets that said “SECURITY,” but in comparison I felt the guys with automatic rifles could do more than the guys without in terms of “SECURITY.” Back to the venue; it was lovely to watch in, and very well lit. There was a whole Japanese cheering section that cheered loud for the women, but no for the men. They sounded like a group of 5-8 year-olds, but when I turned around none of them were younger than me. It’s like they took a person and compressed them, voice and all. Little tiny voices.

Lunch. Walked around. Came back. Gym hot and sweaty. Building no A/C b/c make wind. Many bodies make hot. Rarg. Our first seats were in the mid-level with our backs against a small wall. Our second seats were all the way on the side, and all the way in the back row on the top, with our backs against the wall. Our third seats were on the floor between courts 1 and 3 with our back against the wall. The courts were numbered 2 1 3. Don’t ask why. In the last session we got to see Howard and Tony play the Koreans. They lost, but got 19 in the second. I thought they were going to pull it out. Rob and his wife Rachel, long time family friends, landed that afternoon and were able to join us for the last session so we didn’t give our tickets to the Estonian guy’s parents, but they ended up finding some so it all worked out anyways. We sat just behind the parents of the Belgian singles playres. They have two children in the Olympics; pretty sweet. Team singapore showed up for one game and left. They were loud. We were exhausted after 10+ hours of badminton going off a 5 hour night’s sleep that we went home and crashed, and screwed up all my grammers. I thought of some jokes today, like funny things and stuff, but have no capacity for memory or humor right now ‘cause I’m so wiped; just capacity for sleep.


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