Saturday, 4th

Today’s the women’s finals. It ended up being China’s #2 against Japan’s #1 team. Japan had a couple game points in the second game, but China’s just too good. The #3 Chinese woman beat Wang Yihan in 3 good games. It was a brutal match, but Yihan works a lot harder in her footwork, and doesn’t have as strong of a counter attack as the other girl had. Saina played for the bronze, and got it, but only because Wang Xin injured herself pretty badly. Despite being injured she still put the game away in one shot, but after the first rally of the next game she crumpled in a heap of defeat and couldn’t walk. The gym was full of Chinese, but everyone else, including a lot of Indians, were cheering for Saina. I wanted China to lose, but I hate to see it in that fashion; that just sucks. The podiums are getting more diverse now though, and it’s cool. The countires who’ve medeled are China, India, Denmark, Japan, and Russia, with Malaysia and possibly Korea with a chance to finish on the podium as well. Speaking of podiums; for the ceremony they lowered the podium from the ceiling, but not in a ‘razzle-dazzle’ sort of way. They just thought the ceiling is where it’d be most out of the way, but apparently overlooked that it takes 5 minutes to lower the thing down using their impossibly slow motor. For some reason after the first medal ceremony they hoisted the podium back up to the ceiling, and then had to bring it back down later; it’s not like it was in the way or anything. So because the podium takes forever to descend to the ground, we figured we’d skip out on hearing the Chinese national anthem again and left, only to get caught up in a crowd of 50,000 plus leaving Wembley Stadium. There were cops on horses just standing at certain places in a line. The horses really funneled the people down and slowed things up, and apparently they’re good for crowd control, but they shat all over the pavement. We eventually made it back to the USA house again where we got to eat awesome food and rub elbows with the athletes. There was a guy there with the last name Fosbury. Google it. The Brits had a good day for medals and won about 4 or 5 golds or something like that. I think the US did too. All the athletes and even the non-athletes look like models. Not much really happened though besides just eating awesome food and being absorbed in the whole Olympic experience… nbd. There was a band. The USA house was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. If you ever, ever go to the Olympics, you need to find a way into the USA house, or ever any other country’s house. It’s amazing.

Going back to the room I felt rather parched, and upon experiencing such a feeling of parchment, I stopped at ye olde Burger King for a cup of water cause it was the only thing open at that hour.

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