Tuesday, 7th

We had to go through security again because I don’t know why. It takes an hour to get through, and so they started boarding at 8:55 even though the flight is scheduled for 10:30. Some girl was leaning against the glass wall to outside, but it was actually a door, and she tripped the alarm. I was loud, but nothing happened, someone just came and turned it off. You can trip a freaking alarm in an airport and everyone’s cool, but god forbid if you have some change in your pocket we’re going to search you.

I’m in the middle seat again, and oh look, threes seats to my left: baby. This one was of the screaming variety. It thinks everything belongs to it “Mine! Mine, mine, MINE!” Babies are selfish. Probably the worst part of the flight though, is that 2.5 hours into it we were still on the ground. There was a discrepancy with how much fuel was added to the plane and how much it said was added, so they wanted to make sure we wouldn’t crash somewhere over Greenland or something silly like that. The baby is screaming. I put my earphones in. For some reason only when I’m on a plane and listening to music with these particular headphones the treble comes out much more than usual and for some reason I can hear the back-up guitar/keyboard tracks that I’ve never heard before on the same songs I’ve listened to over a hundred times. It’s funny how you can know something so well for so long but still not know everything about it. I don’t know if that analogy could be any more transparent.

After two hours of checking the fuel levels manually, all they had to do was top it off for how much they burnt keeping the A/C and the advertisements on, and then we’d be on our way. They have TV screens to distract their customer and keep them in a bland and happy stasis, but they don’t turn them on ‘til after takeoff. Once we finally started rolling, the flight attendant said “We will show you a beef safety presentation…” she must have been hungry too after 2 hours on the ground. The baby is screaming. When food started coming out the vegetarians got served first without explanation. The flight attendants were really sassy during this flight, and seemed impatient. We were watching movies with headphones in because the baby was screaming, so I wasn’t paying attention to the aisle and didn’t hear him meekly whisper without repeating, “would you like something to drink?” I looked across the aisle and the other passengers had drinks, and the flight attendant guy was looking right at me and rolling his little cart away. I gave him a look like “what the hell, aren’t you serving drinks?” and he replied, “I asked you , but you guys were watching your shows, and I’m just they guy with the cart, so…” “Sorry, I didn’t see—I didn’t hear you.” “Well yeah. I mean, I asked, but you guys didn’t hear me.” “What?” “I asked but you didn’t hear me.” “Well, sorry, I didn’t even know you were there.” (I was waiting for him to offer, ‘would you like a drink now that we are all on the same page here?’ but he kept running in circles as if I just missed out on my one shot to get a precious refreshment and I did something wrong.) so I asked explicitly, “Could I get a coke and a water?” he seemed so pissed off, like he didn’t sign up for this or something. The next lady that came by for drinks a few hours later asked dad if he’d want anything to drink, and he was watching a movie, but by the time I tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention the lady already moved on. She didn’t even offer me a drink, or even look at me, even though I was staring straight at her. We got our drinks again, but it’s just kind of funny. I have to be on edge. The flight attendants are all acting like they’re in some big rush to get their work done so they can get off early, but I don’t know where they’d go. Even the trash collectors just crusied down the aisle from back to front, so by the time you see them they’re already passed you; you’d need ninja reflexes just to throw your drink away that you never got in the first place. The flight was actually quite nice despite being 12 hours. I’m just bored, so I’m picking nits. The baby is asleep. The weather in Seattle is 65 and over cast; perfect. The pilots always say whether the weather has good visibility or not, which really only matters if you’re flying a plane at the time, and none of the passengers ever are, so no one gives a care.

Apparently the last few days have been 80+, so I guess I’ve dragged the weather with me again. We chased the midday sun all the way home, having left at 1:30 and touched down at 2 at home sweet home. We just beat rush hour back to the house, and I sat and watched the Eagle’s play over the water, then passed out. And that, I suppose, is where the trip ends.



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