A man decided to travel the world. Wherever he went that he hadn’t been before he had to constantly ask questions about where to go, what to eat, and what to do. He carried the suitcase with him on every trip, and as a souvenir he collected a sticker from each new place — but he didn’t stick them anywhere. He kept his suitcase clean and free of markings. One day he put all of his collected stickers on at once, and then people started asking him questions about where to go, what to eat, and what to do, so he started giving advice, even though he had never been there before.

You don’t need to have experience to know how to do something. Sometimes you just need someone to ask you a question.


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7 thoughts on “Suitcase

  1. I freakin’ love this. A lot. Eloquence moment is over. :) Cheers!

  2. Hi Allmostrelevant–thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. (To answer your question, you might say that you have added an extra “L” in your blog name, but there’s something nice about that!) If you’re on facebook take a look at the RAXA Collective page–we hope you find surprises there too. See you there!

  3. sashakiana says:

    I love your blog. Instantly addicted to your posts.

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