concrete jungle zoo

After a devastating earthquake in a destitute third world country, many first world organizations sent ‘short-term missionary teams’ to help the devastated population return to their lives.

There was rubble and wreckage and people collecting their broken lives in a wheelbarrow and hauling them away by the side of the road. Without homes, the people were openly on display as cars drove by, however no one seemed to notice in the same way you don’t notice every breath you take.

The short term missionaries then rolled through with their shiny rented cars and took pictures like it was a zoo. Normally in these circumstances those inside the car would be afraid, but the glass windows of the car served as a barrier that detached and removed these short-term missionaries from the world; but from the outside it was clear that those in the air conditioned cars were the ones on display.

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8 thoughts on “concrete jungle zoo

  1. What a wonderful description of CNN.

  2. I’ve seen them too, unfortunately.

  3. tubularsock says:

    I think you covered the scene exceptionally well. But soon after the venture capitalists entered by fly-overs in corporate jets to place everything on an investment grid. There goes the beach front properties. We can just move the poor to the jungles!

    No, really ………. we’re helping.

  4. I understand both perspectives.

  5. Ouch. You are right. Point well made and not something I have considered.

  6. If they would only stop and think before they rolled in in their Rolls and handed out cake, drank their bottled water, then stood in front of the camera and told everyone how wonderful they were, while the children behind them drank dirty water out of a puddle.

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