You’re standing on the high-dive platform.

Below is the pool. That is death.

Your friend just pushed you off the platform. That is life.

Are you going to smile and make a splash, or curse at your friend the whole way down until you’re under water?

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7 thoughts on “Splash

  1. I’m gonna pee in the pool and then yell up at my friend, “Come on in, the water’s fine!”

  2. The Gazine says:

    I would make the best of it, as in: try to look like I took the leap. Then, underwater, I would prepare my revenge.

  3. projectbuddy says:

    What great images, and what a great question!

  4. If she pushes me off, I’m going to grab on and take her with me. Hahahahahahaha.

  5. I’m going to die. I am afraid of water. I wear a life jacket in the bathtub.

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