Get More-ganized!

to do list2

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13 thoughts on “Get More-ganized!

  1. Lindy Moone says:

    You know when you read something that reminds you of something you wrote yourself, and you know it’s rude to bring it up (kind of like barfing up a meal someone else just paid for — actually nothing like that, never mind), but you do it anyway? That is about to happen. Because in my book, near the end, the main character writes a “Ta-da” list. (That’s a to-do list, with delusions of grandeur.)

    *slinks off to be thoroughly ashamed of self*

  2. Lindy Moone says:

    Reblogged this on Belly-up! and commented:
    Just stumbled on this guy’s blog. Like it. That is all.

  3. jimgramze says:

    Fun! Mine is titled, “To do Less”.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Yes…this is what some of my clients lists look like!

  5. The Overlord Bear says:

    This reminds me of the times when I get easily distracted by little things that I could easily avoid being distracted by.

  6. Lee J Dawson says:

    Ha-ha, that’s great! I figure that if we’re organized enough to make a perfect ‘to do’ list, then we didn’t really need to make one in the first place. :)

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