Art is so pointless sometimes. Don’t you think with all the thinking that artists have done over the years that we would have figured out the meaning of life by now?

You know what I think about the meaning of life?


Why would God create us if we are going to die? But not really even that. Why would God create us with the capacity of knowing we’re going to die? Why couldn’t he just have made us live forever? Or at least make us unaware of what death is? That’d save me a lot of trouble. I’d be happy. But you know what? Have you ever seen anything amazing come from an ignorant creature? I don’t think so. Ignorance isn’t bliss, because without knowing what dark is you can’t know what light is. Without down there’s no up. It’s like explaining color to a blind person. Live forever? That’s not the way to go. It’s in the struggle, the fight of knowing that we are going to die, and having the choice to give it our all and fight, and fight, and scrape and crawl and bleed; fight until there is nothing left in us, until we are everything we wanted to be, or become everything we hate, until we see the light and release our last breath saying, “That was all of me. That was everything. That was my magnum opus.” It is that fight that brings out the worst in us, the absolute worst of desperation, greed, malice, jealousy, and wrath. And it is that same fight that we can triumph, love, heal, conquer and live. LIVE. Really live… and that’s what makes it worth it. That’s what makes life worth living. That’s why we are alive. That’s why we were created. But do no mistake the possibility of life with real life. Do not mistake defeat for death, and hope for triumph. It is a fight. Nothing is guaranteed. Many will fail, and many will succeed, but one thing for certain is that all of us will die. You don’t need me to tell you this. It’s not a surprise. You know it’s coming, and so we are left, not even with the choices we make, but just one choice: Will you fight? Will you fight? Will you live?

But why don’t artists just say that? Why does it take them their whole life to figure that out, or maybe even never figure that out?

That IS the art. Art cannot be summarized or broken down or paraphrased without its meaning being summarized, broken down, and paraphrased as well. Art can’t be explained; it has to be experienced. How do you hear music for someone else? You can’t. How do you taste a delicious treat for someone else? You can’t. How are you supposed to live for someone else? You can’t. I could tell you the meaning of life, but it wouldn’t be the meaning of your life. It takes a lifetime of experiences to understand the meaning of life. Not just the meaning of any life; the meaning of your life. Life is the art, and art is life. We cannot live for someone else, but we struggle to, we try to pour our soul into art so that someone might feel a glimpse of the same thing we felt, live a fraction of our lives, and thus keep us alive through art. We don’t need to live. We don’t need to think. We don’t need to do anything; so I ask you this: why do we? …Your life is art, and you are the meaning of life.

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41 thoughts on “Art

  1. Have your read Charles Bukowski? I think you might like. Most creative impulse must be driven by the attempt to live, to find meaning. Which is individual of course. In the absence of God., Art has a tough job, but it is what it is. Death is in every breath we take. Some know it, some avoid it, some embrace it. No rules.

  2. analyticalperspective says:

    “How do you hear music for someone else? You can’t. How do you taste a delicious treat for someone else? You can’t. How are you supposed to live for someone else? You can’t. I could tell you the meaning of life, but it wouldn’t be the meaning of your life. It takes a lifetime of experiences to understand the meaning of life. Not just the meaning of any life; the meaning of your life.” I absolutely agree. Instead of paraphrasing, here is my response:

    Excuse the new title. I’m only trying to peek interest; I probably will change it:

  3. dalecooper57 says:

    Nice post, but is it art?

  4. Maria Fokas says:

    Great writing :-) your stream of consciousness is incredible – simple yet not easy – and most of all genuinely true. I’m speechless and agree with you 100 percent –

  5. Your last sentence is outstanding as is the rest of this post.
    “Your life is art, and you are the meaning of life.”
    Poetic! :-)

  6. David Kenyon says:

    Hi – Like I said before, very interesting post. Lot of good things you say. There are many theological answers one could give to address your questions. But since I don’t subscribe to that kind of god it wouldn’t be very useful. Lots of Darwinian theories too – which I do subscribe to. You’ll see that emerging gradually in my websites. Also – although art sometimes addresses philosophical issues to ‘figure out the meaning of life’ – it may ultimately be more valuable and appropriate to follow what science says. I think there you may find that the meaning of life is life itself. That life just IS. There’s not necessarily a reason for it. Indeed the whole of life on this planet might be an abberation in nature. And maybe we really are all alone in the universe.

  7. chelawriter says:

    I awoke to a decision this morning – an important one about the direction my life may take for its last few decades – and chose Life, daring, risking being hurt but also risking being loved. Not for anyone else, just for me. Because in the risk, in the choice, I am shaping my life, and it is a work of art, whether or not I later transform the eperiences into words for other. Thank you for being the avenue used to confirm the appropriateness of my decision this morning. In so doing, the art of your life and your thoughts HAS reached another.

    • I’m so happy for you!
      I… words can’t really say how this made me feel, but i guess that’s part of it right? you have definitely filled me with lots of happy feelings, i know that doesn’t sound very profound, but it’s true. so thank you :’]

  8. “Art can’t be explained; it has to be experienced.”

    Can’t agree more!

  9. chengboiser says:

    Great post! Thanks for following my blog.

  10. Art By Javon says:

    Reblogged this on Art By Javon.

  11. Your art is life, and you are the meaning of life :) I LOVE that. I’m a humanist, an atheist, and a schizo bipolar, so on a good day, I’m god, and you’d better believe it! I write, I paint, I breathe creativity, and yet so often I lose sight of it, not being able to see my headlights in the fog. A simple sentence, my friend, but you are a zen master…

  12. “How do you hear music for someone else? You can’t. How do you taste a delicious treat for someone else? You can’t. How are you supposed to live for someone else? You can’t. I could tell you the meaning of life, but it wouldn’t be the meaning of your life.”

    My favorite part. Perfect. Welcome back, my friend. You have been missed :)

  13. Rose says:

    Beautifully written! Thank you so much for sharing!

  14. Cinnamon B says:

    Thanks for following my blog. Wow, you’ve really provided something insightful, I never saw life that way. Great post. I’m following you as well.

    – Cinnamon B
    Cinn’s Circle

  15. I feel like you view life…as a choice. As for me, I view life as an opportunity to appreciate the good in the world, and spread that goodness even more! I don’t think that I’m here for nothing. I can be more than just some random guy minding his own business, not caring much about anyone else in the world but myself.

    Uniqueness and differences really make life interesting, alright. And they can be sources of inspiration, too. :)

    • I’m curious what led you to say i view life as a choice. is there something in the post that stood out to you? because i wasn’t really going for ‘life is a choice,’ but rather, you choose if you want to really ‘live,’ or just as you say be ‘some random guy minding his own business etc.’ “opportunity,” I believe in this sense, has the same connotation as “choice.”

      • I suddenly interpreted it that way when I read “We don’t need to live…We don’t need to do anything.” Well, all of us have free will. I prefer respecting people, but I also prefer rebuking actions and ideas (not people) that go against my code of morality.

        Anyway, I’m really putting my brain through the wringer here. Must be because I see things differently than you. Well, I do have a choice to not understand what you’re saying, but why shouldn’t I try understanding someone different so that I can make myself celebrate differences more? :) Each and every person can be sources of inspiration, you know!

        • ah, yeah. i was trying to emphasize the word “need” with the italics there. if you think about it, you don’t need to eat, and I’ll use Gandhi as an example. of course that’s an extreme example, but it seems like we’re actually agreeing here, just in different wordings. i’m not sure what you’re talking about with your code of morality because i don’t know what your moral code is, so i can’t really respond to that, but i’m glad your brain is through the wringet haha. that’s kind of my goal when i post words. and yes, i sure hope we all see things differently, because that’s what makes it fun! if we were all the same it’d probably be pretty dull. and yes, you definitely can always learn something from everyone you meet.

          • Well, when it comes to needs, especially material needs, for me, we only need enough, we only need balance! And don’t you think art has some use, too? It’s kinda paradoxical when I think about it, art being this seemingly useless thing that actually has some use. Someone’s expression of thoughts may seem like a boring thing, but under certain conditions, they suddenly become inspiring! Interesting, don’t you think? :)

            • definitely! that’s what this was about haha. ‘art IS life’ was what i was trying to say. maybe i should go back and edit it if it doesn’t seem clear

              • Hm, life, like art, can seem like both useless and valuable. What we see depends on our paradigm.

                And as for me, I rolled in the whirlpool of confusion here…but don’t worry too much! Do your best and have fun! We’re not perfect, but still, we should take it step by step…step by step…

                We can do it if we put our mind to it, too! Step by step…step by step…

  16. Wow! Love this. Good work.

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