The evolution of culture doesn’t just happen to one person, it’s a slow transition that most people take part in, changing little things here and there until one day the few people who had nothing to do with it say “what happened to the way things used to be?” and then they die because they’re old. It’s like how I imagine real evolution works. One day one of the fish noticed that all of his friends left the water to go for a walk and was like, “well that’s different.” And since he didn’t keep up with the cool, hip, trendy fad of evolution then he couldn’t get laid and then he got really lonely and then fertilized the eggs of some other lonely fish and died because now his life was purposeless. Meanwhile on the beach, the cool walking fish things were having week long parties and enjoying all being the ‘next best thing’… until one of them sprouted thumbs and all the ladies wanted him. I’m not entirely sure how evolution works, but our ancestors were probably those walking fish.

The one thing I do know about evolution is that it doesn’t just happen in one direction. There are so many different cultures and subcultures which allow people to connect and accel the progression of whatever it is they are achieving from life. And then there’s the internet, which just gives way to a giga-shitload of new subcultures that are both real and fabricated, because when you’re online you are a version of yourself that is both real and fabricated. When all these subcultures built and pre-packaged with a particular set of standards and preconceptions about themselves and everyone else, begin to mix… it gets interesting.

In terms of evolution, I suppose we all want to be the next best thing, but what we forget about is how many mistakes and abominations there are for every “next best thing.” Our solution? More. I mean, we’re all logical people, right? The more we change the sooner we’ll get it right… whatever it is. Evolution is one thing, but if you are constantly redefining yourself, doesn’t it seems like you’re defeating the whole purpose of defining yourself?


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  1. malikelahi says:

    Hey just want you to know I nominated you for the awesome blogger award, check out my last post to see the detail and participate if you want. Keep writing !

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