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Running Commentary

The aim for this is more of real life things, like thinking about things that come to mind, and more of a discussion than a post with all the ends tied off. When I have a thought that needs discussing, I’ll write it here.



The Playground

So; here goes…

Let’s get the formalities out of the way: “Hi world! I’m a person (just like you) and I’m starting a blog — in case you couldn’t tell — and I don’t really have a firm grasp on punctuation? (lol) I have a lot to say, so I would desperately want you to be my loyal follower… if you’ve got any spare time ;)”

If you ever hear me talking like that, feel free to shoot me a message, or just shoot me. The gist of this whole thing I guess is a playground for my mind, however immature or intellectual it may get at times, and not some podium where I’m trying to make a difference or some sort of ‘statement.’ It’s more for me than for you — no offense. As a writer, nothing more than ‘one who writes,’ I find myself frequenting upon ideas and things I find interesting, or observations I find worth thinking about, but have no place to really record them, discuss them, or give them any sort of permanence so i can visit them later… so that’s what this is. This “Playgroud” will be a collection of snippets, blurbs, quotes, rants, and ramblings. Just because this is personal doesn’t mean it’s nonfiction, and doesn’t mean it’s fake either. Fiction is real. Someone thought of it. Who’s to say you’re asleep when you’re dreaming?

This whole “blog” — I don’t like calling it that; I don’t know why — doesn’t have any context per se, and I don’t want to force any sort of context upon it so I can preserve the genuineness of the content; because that seems to be what matters for the most part. Maybe after a while some sort of context will emerge through the thread of themes and whatnot discussed here, but I’m not going for a narrative. I’ll just kind of write what I’m thinking of, and usually without consulting any sort of source and just write off the top of my head without revising. I might post a poem or a story every now and then, but I’m thinking just thinking might be enough for this.

Back to context though: Context seems to be the one thing we as people really desire more than anything. That’s just how we work. We feel comfortable when we know how to categorize something, or know where it belongs. That’s what ‘genre’ is, and why we have it. If you see a movie and try to describe it to a friend, you might do a couple things, like tell them some of the plot, but often you’ll start out with the basics and say it was a comedy/drama/action movie so your friend can have the right frame of mind to think about the movie; the right context. Even if something is far out of place (removed from it’s context) we won’t have too hard of a time with it because we know it’s original context.

For example if you saw a picture of a tree sprouting forks from its branches, you’d probably be trying to make a connection with something to do with food, eating, growing, renewable, etc. because you know the two contexts of trees and forks and are trying to connect the similarities and differences of the two to parse the meaning of the picture. This is what we like to call art. In writing (‘language arts’) and visual forms of art there’s typically two ways to go… You can either create a spectacle–something that makes you “ooh and ahh” at its beauty and demonstration of control and mastery of the medium, or you can draw upon context and express implicit meanings from things being either in or out of context, or providing a view of something from a context you wouldn’t normally express.

This isn’t isn’t going anywhere, and it really doesn’t need to, but I’m getting bored of how many words there are. Basically: pay attention to context; when you notice it, and when you don’t. It helps.

When I think of a good way to sign off, I will; but for now, a morsal:

“Just because it’s personal, doesn’t mean it happened. It’s best when you can’t tell the difference.”



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