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Going Postal

The job of the modern day postman seems so pointless and obligatory, going house to house, meticulously delivering people’s spam mail with dedication and care so those on the receiving end can have something to feed the garbage guys every Tuesday. Sometimes I’ll look at what mail I’m actually putting in people’s mailboxes; insurance brochures, neighborhood community membership form, pizza&pop coupons, dirty magazines, health and diet magazines. And then every once in a while something ‘normal’ gets my attention. Normal as in a regularly sized envelope and not some gaudy, oddly proportioned postcard that’s supposed to grab your attention from its irregular shape, but ends up getting lost in a sea of irregular shapes. This normal letter is handwritten from a real person and sent to another real person. They decided to dedicate time to show they care. I scooped out all the junk mail from the mailbox and left them only the handwritten one, and drove to the next house.

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