Why is Johan Sebastian Bach’s name pronounced like “Bock?” It’s a C-H sound; shouldn’t it be Johan Sebastian “Batch?”

No. “Bock” is just the way you’re supposed to say it.

But why?

Because people have always said it that way.

You really such at explaining things.

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5 thoughts on “

  1. threekats says:

    My mom is an English teacher, so I love stuff like this!

  2. haha yeah, but it’s fun when english speakers try to pronounce things

    • Carly Benson says:

      Yes, I do agree most entirely with that. It is funny especially for me to listen and try to figure out from which part of of the US they come.

  3. Carly Benson says:

    Mein Freund, der Name ist deutsch! Sie sind lustig dich zu wundern.

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