Hollow and vacant he froze there at last
—alone, abandoned— a shell of his past.
The living cage, the bane of this man,
releases his soul in new form cast.

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17 thoughts on “Caterpillar

  1. Ian Gardner says:

    Just as an aside, did you know that the process of metamorphosis of the caterpillar involves the total liquefaction of the caterpillar and the reconstitution of that liquid into the butterfly? The moot question is what controls the reconstitution in such a miraculous way?
    Aha! . . . simple physics :-)

    • woah. i had no idea. that’s pretty mind blowing… some reason my mind thought of a super hero that would have the power to liquify himself and solidify again as different things, but then one fateful day he turned himself into orange juice to hide from the bad guys, and they drank him.

      ooph. my apologies on how random my response was, but thank you for the comment and teaching me something new today :)

      • Ian Gardner says:

        Pity about the orange juice! . . . . . which leads one to the truth that life is a succession of choices :-)
        Yes, the metamorphosis process is rather mind blowing but the how it works is explained in my book at a point where it is relevant to the subject matter.
        The way your mind worked, and must usually do, simply illustrates on not stuck in a groove – good.

  2. I like the wordplay in your blog name – better than ‘Almost…’

  3. invisibleme says:

    This paints a wonderful word picture. The last line is brilliant…pure butter!

  4. Ms. Butterblick says:

    I like a lot!

  5. Thanks for the follow. So far I’ve liked what I’ve seen, but, without sounding like a pompous ass, the title is misspelled: ALMOSTRELEVANT (only one “l” in “almost”).

    Regardless, keep doing what you’re doing and I’m sure I’ll be back.

    • haha it’s not misspelled ;)
      thanks for the comment and checking out the sight!

      • It’s three separate words? If so, then it’s correct. And I hope you meant “site.” :)

        Prost, freund.

        • well, i’m not sure if it’s correct or incorrect. I strongly feel that part of the function of art is to bend and break conventions in order to say something. would it be correct art but incorrect grammar? …maybe. i dunno. but i try not focus on grammar because sometimes it just gets in the way, as with puns, like web sight, or trying to make cents, or good mourning, etc etc bloggle bloggle….

  6. Thanks to Dasi for the requested title!

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