Okay, so Just lie there. yeah. sprawl out like that.

But I’m hungry.

Uh, here. Have these grapes, and just tilt your head back and slowly dip them into your mouth.

Why can’t I eat them normally?

Because this is art. We have to capture the essence of what it means to eat grapes.

Can’t you just hang some grapes up and then paint me in later. My arm’s getting tired and I’m going to have a sore neck in the morning.

It is essential that you hold them… for the uniformity of the piece.

I still don’t get why I have to be naked. I’m getting cold.

You’re not naked, you’re expressing the vulnerability of mankind.

Then why can’t you just get a naked man?

No! I mean–it wouldn’t be the same. For this particular work of art I need a young female in full bloom; otherwise it won’t work.

You haven’t even set up the canvass yet.

I’m getting there! I told you, I need to visualize. You know… art. Just, just eat the grapes and let me work — slowly.

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38 thoughts on “

  1. Lol. Smoooooooooooooth!

  2. Holding up the grapes is not good… you’ll get a cramp in your arm! (but maybe he wants to paint mankind (womankind) with a cramp?) Cheers! tomas ☼

  3. Luciana Mariano says:


  4. FlutePlayer says:

    Paint naturally.

  5. As a painter I totally get this. My girlfriend doesn’t get or appreciate my artistic ambitions

  6. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Shine On Award! You don’t need to pass it along, but I do hope it has made your day a little brighter! :)

  7. AngstBoy says:

    In love with your sense of humor! Love your posts, still catching up, but dayum you make me laugh…Thank You!

  8. jannatwrites says:

    Hahaha! Oh, I think there is visualizing going on all right :)

  9. myaspeeks says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh throughout the whole thing…the visual I got was hilarious..thanks. kudos

  10. anniesuddenly says:

    Very nice! And no, you dont need pictures. Dont distract from your words :)

  11. invisibleme says:

    This definitely painted a picture in my mind. I’m glad you didn’t give us a picture it made us have to take a moment and visualize! Your comments to other people’s comments are fantastic by the way! :-)

  12. benzeknees says:

    You really need to put some pictures in your posts.

    • :) I just focus on the text, my friend. I believe your mind will do a much better job providing a picture than any google search I can conduct in 2 minutes will.
      I’m attempting to ‘know my limits,’ and realize I’m not great with pictures.

  13. Show me your hands!

  14. Being cold is not fun, art or not. Ha-ha.

  15. haha… nice…work slowly huh.. lol :) thanks for sharing!

  16. I feel like putting words in this box. Does anyone want to support a young blogger by following her? It would make my heart glow!

    xx lorenadurieux

  17. The sacrifes an artist must make.

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