17 thoughts on “

  1. The pulse of emotions, written in meaningless symbols, only because you live a meaningless life! See it! Live it! Breathe abstractly. And you’ll understand, the pulse of emotions. ;)

  2. vegaswizard says:

    Great and wacky Blog! I love it. Your blog makes me smile. Thanks for sharing it with the world, and thank you for the follow you have of mine.

  3. Shauna says:

    This is how I feel about the day I’ve had. Your blog is cracking me up. Thanks for the follow so I could find yours.


  4. saucy susan says:

    Hey – thanks so much for the follow! Your blog is…interesting :) Which I like!

  5. Reminded me of when John and I stop talking with words! :)

  6. I found the hidden metaphors and similies not to my taste. In fact I’m rather offended.

  7. Can relate to this post lol

  8. That good of a day… I know the feeling.

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