Too Ease

It’s awfully hard to portray anything in English without using any “E’s.” I was trying to do it for a bit, but it didn’t tay clong until I startid chi-ting. Although, I do hav a gnu apprishiashun for how malia bowl thuh inglish laingwidj iz.

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51 thoughts on “Too Ease

  1. That reminds me, I need to call my dentist.

  2. The Gazine says:

    Have you heard of “La Disparition” (or “A Void” in English translation) by the French writer Georges Perec? It’s a 300-page novel written completely without the letter “e,” which is even harder to do in French than English.

    • I’ve heard of it, and a few other commenters let me know of it too. I don’t think I could take myself seriously for long enough to do that. But props to that guy. He has the discipline of a vegan nun

  3. Ie put an “e” at the end of all the words Ie don’t have confidence spelling. :)

  4. dawsonlesley says:

    Ooo, I’m gonna try that! Ha, I’ve dun it. :D

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