Avocado Refrigerator

We can’t attempt to compartmentalize things in life; put the oranges here, the greens in a separate fridge with a different humidity than the cheese will allow, and give the avocados get their own special fridge. Of course each food has its own ideal way it can be stored to maintain optimum freshness and maximize shelf life, but if you catered to the specific needs of each individual food, you’d exhaust your resources, your expenses, and yourself by all the running around you’d have to do just to make dinner. You might think you’re doing a good job of organizing, and this might happen elsewhere, too. “There’s too many files in this folder. I know–I’ll give them all their own folder!” So now instead of fixing the problem, there’s “too many folders in this drawer! I can’t find anything!”

While trying to be fair to the food, you are being unfair to yourself. You need to treat yourself with some respect; and actually by stuffing everything into the same fridge at a uniform temperature and humidity, it’s more respectful to the food too. No one gets special treatment so they know not to ask for it. It’s nothing unusual; it’s just the best option. The food might whine and complain, but who doesn’t complain every once in a while? The food doesn’t care if you do anything about its complaints, it just wants to vent. You might say, “This quinoa is going straight to my hips,” and then eat it anyway. Same thing. Otherwise, if you cater to every food and try to please them all with their own special climate, it won’t work; it never does. And all you’ll be left with is an empty avocado refrigerator.

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33 thoughts on “Avocado Refrigerator

  1. benzeknees says:

    I’m old enough to remember avocado refrigerators (& gold & bronze too), shudder!

  2. I’ve often thought about the drawings they make of where to put my food… what a lot of effort… i’m not into that… ease and more time for myself…

  3. ittymac says:

    Point made, point taken!

  4. Olivia says:

    Hehe that’s great and very true :)

  5. Hi there!
    I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award!
    Have a great day :)

  6. Lead Our Lives says:

    powerful, straightforward. easy to get. nicely done!

  7. Excellent point and amusing analogy to make it. Well done! Lol :)

  8. Lesley Dawson says:

    This has given me lots of comfort. I can finally accept my disorganised self with peace. :)

  9. earthstills says:

    Brilliant, saying everything, whilst saying nothing, completely relevant!!

  10. Mike says:

    You have no idea how much you have just simplified my life.

  11. kokkieh says:

    If only the real-life application of this story was as simple. Unfortunately the food won’t allow that.

  12. spartacus2030 says:

    I don’t know why different fruits and vegetables argue with one another. They just do. I had a carrot once; wouldn’t talk to me for a month!

  13. I think I smell a metaphor…

  14. Meka says:

    Ha :) this was a very cute story

  15. I tried to do that once. It was the pits.

    • avocadon’t try this at home kids

      • I can’t count the number of times i had an avocado pit with three toothpicks stuck in it sitting in the kitchen window rotting. I just knew this time I was going to grow a fabulous avovado tree. What is even more pathetic….My father’s cousin Pauline (now passed) was married to Louie Cavaletto (he’s also gone). Don’t recognize the name? Do you recognize the little oval label on your avocado that says Calavo avocados? Yeah…he was one of the original hobby growers.

  16. penpowersong says:

    nice observation…

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