I think as a culture we’re so fascinated and scared by zombies because besides not having a heartbeat, there’s not much difference between having a crappy 9-5 job and being a zombie. They’re like the embodiment of the worst version of ourselves. A shell of a human. Basically dead already, but still walking around and going through the motions like we need to keep pushing papers and sending emails because the survival of the species depends on whether or not those quarterly reports that no one reads were formatted correctly.

…I am Jack’s sense of humor.

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43 thoughts on “ZOMG

  1. Ever notice how you can pinpoint the Weltanshauung of a society by the horror movies it devours? In the atomic age, it was all radioactive spiders and stuff from outer space. The 60s was chock-full of demons, monsters, and devil worshipers. Then came the 70s and 80s and a new, scary science fetish that produced mutants, aliens, and stuff coming back from the dead. The 90s got dumber and smarter simultaneously, giving us a peek into serial killers, mental illness, and a teenage slasher revival. By the new millennium, we seemed to have run out of ideas so we fell back on radioactivity, outer space chillers, aliens, and zombies.

    The zombies seem to be holding on. I blame smartphones and video games. Because duh.

  2. In Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead it’s proclaimed they’re us, but Sam Rammi didn’t see them as metaphors for 9-5 ennui rather it was their consumerism and desire. The hoards of zombies smashing against the glass doors in dawn of the Dead were actually modeled on crowds that flocked to the 70s super malls.

    • yeah. it’s cool how zombies in films typically reflect the culture of the time they were created. it’s fun to analyze horror movies to find what people find scary, and why

      • and I truly just thought it was the in-laws coming to visit.

      • Zora Neale Hurston, who was way ahead of the pack in Zombie studies, claimed to have seen the actual ritual performed in Haiti and simply accepted them as an unexplained, but very real reality of Haitian life. What they have become though, and their cultural significance and lasting power does seem to be the way the emulate and represent some facets of modernity. There’s a tedx Atlanta talk by a Harvard creativity researcher btw whose estimates that the u.s. loses 300 billion per year in producitivty by failing to make work place engages hence the trend of employee disengagement.

  3. seunodukoya says:

    Freakishly true – eerily accurate.

  4. sarahremy says:

    I read/heard somewhere that zombies are in because we’ve turned vampires sparkly and more romantic than frightening, and we need a new monster to go bump in the dark. Frankly, I’ve been scared of the walking dead since Michael Jackson did Thriller.

  5. Very though provoking and sadly true.

  6. Isabeau D'anjou 1981 says:

    I am Jack’s Cold Sweat.
    I Am Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise
    I am Hack’s Inflamed Sense of Rejection
    I Am Jack’s Smirking Revenge.

  7. jimgramze says:

    I like eating free-range brains. Those brains cooped up in their house cages are less tasty and really there’s just no challenge.

  8. benzeknees says:

    I often felt like this when I was working, sort of like the people in “The Wall” by Pink Floyd.

  9. skinnyuz2b says:

    Oh yes, AR, those feak’n zombies are everywhere. Thanks for keeping us abreast of their infiltration.
    Check out my post ‘Chickens Never Forget’ and you’ll see how I barely escaped zombie chicken bodies, not once, but twice. True stories!

  10. I for one, think they should be required to apply for legal status just like every other immigrant. I’m tired of them taking our jobs. There was a really smart guy who was in the next cubicle. He was there one day, the next day he was gone. The guy there looked like him but had no brains whatsoever. I know management got rid of him to give an illegal zombie his job. Rat bastards.

    • true. but it’s not all bad. If you can manage to get hired for 10 different jobs, and then just pay zombies half of your salary to you your job for you, and then all of a sudden you’re making 5 times your salary without doing any work. And the zombies are happy to because they have low standards of living!

  11. Christina says:

    Hello Jack’s brain. Good thing we don’t rely on brains cause there sure aren’t much brains around these days. We’d all starve…

  12. The Overlord Bear says:

    So, does that mean we can say that those zombie exterminators are those who don’t want to be trapped in a never-ending loop of boring routine?

  13. J.D. Gallagher says:

    Yeah, most people do act like zombies 9-5, Monday to Friday. We see a lot of ourselves in zombies…maybe not the brain eating bit but just about everything else.

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