Keep Your Eyes on the Driver

you can tell a lot about a person just by taking a short drive with them. are they safe? do they take risks? are those risks calculated? do they ask you if you are hot/cold? or do they automatically turn the music down/change the station for you (because they’re embarrassed). when you’re cold, are they sweating because they turned the temperature up to make you happy? do they sing along? do they just focus on the road, or do they turn away from the windshield to look you in the eye? do they take the time to notice the sights and sounds? or are they distracted and text while drifting into another lane, and only correcting suddenly when you bring it to their attention? It doesn’t take long to notice that we’re not talking about driving anymore. That much is clear.

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19 thoughts on “Keep Your Eyes on the Driver

  1. Do they fart lavishly without rolling down a window? do they apologize for the mustard gas? are they wearing pants? is that upholstery dry cleanable? what else is down there in the aging chunks of seat foam? is it alive? is it sentient? will it respond to mouse traps or exorcism? are there any mousetraps left in the garage? wouldn’t it be ironic if a mouse got into the mousetraps box in the garage and died? what would that smell like? how long would it take for the smell to go away? is it anything like the fucker who just tainted the air from the passenger side?

  2. Nativegrl77 says:

    Thanks for the visit and follow! If I am not driving im a def watching the driver …

  3. Janet Solem says:

    Don’t forget to notice what the passenger’s like too. Are they a backseat driver? Do they close their eyes and catnap till you reach your destination? Do they start conversations? About what? Do they complain about the temperature? Do they always side with you in the case of near misses even when you both know it’s your fault? Do they whine about the music? Dance? Did they bring a lot of stuff? Hm. Well.

  4. Marisha says:

    Amazing amazing… loved it. In fact when you stopped…I so wanted to tell you… please don’t as I had so many more in mind that I wanned to read here ;)

  5. OK then, you’ve given me a new evaluation process. I think this can be a very quick and effective way to gauge new possibilities, shall we say. Smart thinking – good on you.

  6. I believe it’s because I do my own driving that I have a hard time getting into someone else’s car. It always feels they are driving too fast, driving too close, driving while talking and looking at me. Pull over. Now. Let me off HERE! :-D (Another perspective)

  7. I am an impatient driver that gets mad and express that at other peoples driving styles while on the road. I fortunately know this about myself and curb this behavior while others are in my car. This is the only place I’m impatient and have tried control it but is seemingly uncontrollable. Oh well.

  8. tubularsock says:

    As a bike rider when I look into a driver’s eyes …….. well it’s too late!

  9. Getting in the car will be a whole new experience now after reading your post! :)

  10. What a great way to look at it. I’m an awful driver. I wonder what that says about me? ha!

    • haha
      well as many say, it’s not so much about the result, but how you got there. personally i draw driving inspiration from my kindergarden coloring books: just stay inside the lines. ;)

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