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Keep Your Eyes on the Driver

you can tell a lot about a person just by taking a short drive with them. are they safe? do they take risks? are those risks calculated? do they ask you if you are hot/cold? or do they automatically turn the music down/change the station for you (because they’re embarrassed). when you’re cold, are they sweating because they turned the temperature up to make you happy? do they sing along? do they just focus on the road, or do they turn away from the windshield to look you in the eye? do they take the time to notice the sights and sounds? or are they distracted and text while drifting into another lane, and only correcting suddenly when you bring it to their attention? It doesn’t take long to notice that we’re not talking about driving anymore. That much is clear.

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“It’s all there, you just have to [close your eyes to] see it.”

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Late Breakfast

My seven year old daughter
wants to make me
brunch for Mother’s Day.

I would feel hollow
without honoring the meal.
I let her.

She cooks me toast, one slice,
and joins me at the table. Innocently,
I tell her she still has

her mother’s eyes. I smile—
The toast leaps out and impacts the floor,

startling her. I pretend
to jump in my seat, which
comforts her;

but in truth, she’s not convinced.
I want the chance to jump
again, but can’t,

because I don’t usually run the errands,
and now we’re out of bread.

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