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People overlook the skills you need to be really good at to be a secret agent. Memorizing maps to navigate in a car chase, arts and crafts/media design to forge documents, and don’t forget fashion design to change your disguise/hairstyle. Seems like the ideal candidate for a secret agent is a taxi driver with a media degree in fashion school.

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What are you going to study?

I don’t know. Everything… Nothing.

I mean, what’s your major going to be?

Whatever I end up studying.

Can you spit out one straight answer?

Sarcasm is the spice of life.

…so what do you like to do?

I like writing.

You should be a writing major.

You should be a life coach.


It’s not like it pays the bills or anything.

But you like writing, witty lines, playing with words; so why not be a writer?

I like playing with words, but I’m not just going to jump into bed with them.

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