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Why are you going to throw a pie at that man’s face?

It’s for charity.

But still, you’re executing this man’s comfort.

He gave it up willingly.

Just because someone’s willing to sacrifice themselves, is it right for you to carry out their wish? What if he isn’t of sound mind?

Then this ought to wake him up.

I’m just saying—asking—what gives you the right to make that call?

Probably nothing—but it’s fun.

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So… what? Are you saying that movie’s going to be better than the one we just watched?

Well, yeah.

But it’s just an action movie.

Yeah, but the lead is actually a fighter, and the director’s won an Oscar; and the cast is stacked.

Hey; at least I have facts to back up my opinion.


Heh, “whatever?” That’s a good defense–a popular one.

Well, it works.


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