I just realized that greeting cards are really redundant. Most of the time you hand someone a card in person instead of mail it, so you can just wish them a happy birthday in person.
But it’s the occasions where you don’t want to confront someone that just beg for an alternative. Like something you’d slip under someone’s door with a cute picture that says “I never want to hear you again. turn your music down.” or “TGIF! Take a shower once in a while.”

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25 thoughts on “greetings

  1. Tomorrow, I’m making a homemade card but I’m getting stumped on the message. So far all I’ve got is “Mom and Dad, sorry your daughter died. Weather is good here. Love, The Other One.”

  2. “I put this box here if you feel like putting words in it” is one of the all-time great comment prompts– brilliant! : )

  3. lorieadair says:

    Thanks for the follow!

  4. bkpyett says:

    Thanks for visiting/following my blog! I’ve enjoyed yours. I always wondered why there are not recyclable gift cards for close loved ones?

  5. itsmesammies says:

    You could also send a card for “I’m leaving you for your sister”, “Your feet are smelling up my apartment, down the hall” (That could be the inside of your TGIF! Card! My sister made me a card that said “Inside This Card is a Gift only I could Give you” (open card) “I farted in it” Or the ever popular “Your father may be our sons father…” I could keep going so I’ll stop. Thanks for the like on my post over at Fan by Association! Appreciate the love, love what you’re doing!

    • haha too funny. No, don’t stop! keep going! ;)

      • itsmesammies says:

        I was super ecstatic to see that Hallmark now carries the “You Got Your GED” Card, that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They should consider the following:

        “I’m leaving you for your brother”

        “I’ve Got a Super Secret Surprise for You on Your Birthday…” (Open Card) “I’m sleeping with your best friend”

        “That Dress Makes you Look Fat” (Open Card) “Really Fat”

        Attach to food platter “Your cooking sucks” (Open Card) “So I brought back up”

        (From Parents) “We Wanted You To Know on Your Birthday,” (Open Card) “Your Brother/Sister is our favorite.”

        There are so many more that I’ve written down in the past, that Hallmark sure wasn’t interested in. I’m not sure why…

        • omg i love these! They’re like anti-greeting cards. I feel like the younger demographic, especially males, would be more apt to buy these if they knew they existed. because right now that seems like a pretty untapped demo in the greeting card bis

          • itsmesammies says:

            Hahaha very true! These are very anti-greeting cards. Hallmark felt they didn’t fit in to their ‘family friendly mold’ I failed to understand where I said they were family friendly, but hey, maybe I wasn’t paying attention. It’s def a Niche market, the anti-greeting card, but if you cant (or don’t have the balls) to way it with words, why not a greeting card?

  6. Lesley Buse says:

    This is my favorite, but all your blurbs are wonderful!

  7. I liked this. Thank you for visiting/following my blog!

  8. benzeknees says:

    I loved the idea of slipping a greeting card under the door to tell someone to turn down their music. In my building, I would be asking them to direct their pot smoke in another direction & stop having their parties in the hallways at 3:30 a.m.

    • haha you should do it! Be creative and let me know if you do. I’d love to see what you come up with. It’s silly things like this that make the best stories to tell people :)

  9. As for the redundancy of greeting cards, I’ve had similar thoughts. Hopefully the card will stand as a memento of the moment. Enjoyed your post. Thank you for the visit and the follow!

  10. carlisdm says:

    Thanks for following my blog!

  11. Amusing! Thanks, too, for visiting/following my blog.

  12. mr688475 says:

    Very true and I appreciate your sense of humor!

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