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I just realized that greeting cards are really redundant. Most of the time you hand someone a card in person instead of mail it, so you can just wish them a happy birthday in person.
But it’s the occasions where you don’t want to confront someone that just beg for an alternative. Like something you’d slip under someone’s door with a cute picture that says “I never want to hear you again. turn your music down.” or “TGIF! Take a shower once in a while.”

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I was driving on a street with stop lights behind a commercial tanker truck with a license plate from Lima, Ohio, which was strange curious enough on its own, but it couldn’t distract me from the steady stream of water leaking from the bottom of the truck. Stopped at a light I wondered how long it would take before the tank bleeds out; and then how long before anyone notices. The truck accelerated and the trickling stream chased it, dissipating into a mist, and in the afternoon sun, tracing the truck’s path with a rainbow.


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