Nice to Meet You

Let me introduce myself.
Let me pick you up at seven.
Let me show you a good time.
Let me put my arm around you.
Let me drive you home.
Let me show you how to have fun on the way.
Let me watch tv.
Let me leave the seat up.
Let me eat.
Let me compliment you today.
Let me hold it all in.
Let me live.
Let me come home late sometimes.
Let me explain that.
Let me think.
Let me change the subject.
Let me pack my things.
Let me cry.
Let me say goodbye.
Let me lie.
Let me come back.
Let me talk through the door.
Let me introduce myself.
Let me drive you home again.
Let me come in.
Let me show you an even better time.
Let me say it wasn’t my fault.
Let me say I’m sorry.
Let me love you.
Let me have a second chance.
Let me hold your hand nine months from now.
Let me see them on the weekends.
Let me apologize.
Let me back in.
Let me learn from my mistakes.
Let me start over.
Let me introduce myself.

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18 thoughts on “Nice to Meet You

  1. viewpacific says:

    Reblogged this on View Pacific and commented:
    Let me share this.

  2. viewpacific says:

    Let me thank you.

  3. Mike says:

    Either a revolving door or a tornado but either way, an very enjoyable read.

  4. beckarooney says:

    A wonderful, poignant write, your words really moved me. Beautifully expressed, thanks for sharing this :) x

  5. asklotta says:

    Reality simplified. Beautifully written! The Clarity…The Sadness and damage we inflict on ourselves and on others in the name of love!

  6. Wow. An interesting way to tell a story. I like this. :-) :-)

  7. Dina says:

    wow, there is something so vulnerable about this, I really enjoyed this.

  8. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Love this.

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