Take Me

Where does wind come from?
And where does it go?
I’m not really sure that the wind even knows.

May I ask you a favor?
When the time is right,
Take me where the wind blows.

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12 thoughts on “Take Me

  1. Given the speed with which the Earth turns around itself, I find the absence of wind much more puzzling than wind.

  2. The Xanax was kicking in right about the first line, wasn’t it?

    My pain’s a color crystal urn,
    Covered cloisonne and gold
    Harbors hues that fairly burn,
    Embers pulsing with the cold.

    And then it just gets dark after that. Ah, youth. Bloody college.

    • wow. i typo-d a whole word out…
      time to edit and pretend nobody noticeded

      you just write that little ditty now?
      yeah. college… yeah

      • Naw, that was an oldie but a goodie left over from the dorm days. I had way too much brain and way too little stimulation. The liberal arts are all too often a tour of the scholastic regurgitation nation. I wrote dirty and terrifying poems to fill in the gaps between weight lifting, partying, and sleep.

        • it appears you and i have the same view on liberal arts majors. i felt like most the things i learned in school i learned on my own time, but if i wasn’t in school i wouldn’t have been there to learn them.

  3. Mike says:

    Wonderfully whimsical from an interesting mind. Nice work.

  4. Noah Weiss says:

    Very interesting. I am really enjoying these poems that leave a lot to the imagination.

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