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What can I start you off with?

I’ll have the wings

Excellent choice

And I’ll have the onion rings

Excellent choice as well, you’ll enjoy them.

And I’ll have the quesadilla




Should I choose something else?

No, it’s just an interesting choice; that’s all.

What’s interesting? Is that bad?

No, not necessarily. Just… interesting.

Should I be concerned?


Would it be better if I got onion rings?

I mean, it depends on you. If you want a quesadilla, I would recommend you get the quesadilla; but the onion rings would be an excellent choice.

…fine. I’ll get the onion rings.

Are you sure?

…not really, but I have to choose something.

Well, you don’t HAVE to choose anything.

But I’m hungry.

So what do you want to eat?

I said I’ll have the onion rings—no wait, I still want the quesadilla.



Yeah. Okay.

So it’s okay with you all of a sudden?



Good. I’ll bring those right out.



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Jeeves, what is this on my forehead?

That wrinkle? That is age, sir.

Wipe it off, please.

There you go, sir.

I need to look dashing for tonigh–it’s still there, Jeeves.

What is, sir?

The age! It’s still there!

No it’s not.

Then what is it!?

Oh that, sir? That’s frustration.

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